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The tax efficient way for Company Directors to pay for Personal Life Insurance saving 49% compared to personal policies.

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The Relevant Life Policy providers we deal with are Vitality, Legal and General, Aegon, AIG, Scottish Widows, Aviva, LV, Royal London and Zurich.

Trust Paperwork Done for You

No need for you to fill in complicated Relevant Life Policy trust forms. We do this for you and when signatures are required we post out along with clear instructions

Competitive Premiums

As we shop around so many providers we can get you the cheapest Relevant Life Insurance for your circumstances.

How do relevant life policies work?

Many company directors already pay for personal life insurance via their own personal income. This income has already been subject to income tax and national insurance. Normally if a company director pays for life insurance via their limited company they would have a P11D benefit in kind issue and thus they might as well have paid for it themselves.


The relevant life policy is set up under trust so it gets around this issue. Therefore the business can pay and there is no P11D benefit in kind issue. This saves the company director income tax and national insurance. In addition the limited company can also usually claim corporation tax relief. These savings add up to a 49% saving compared to paying for cover personally for a higher rate tax payer.

How does the process work?

1 – Fill in the enquiry form

2 – We provide quotes

3 – If you are happy to proceed we will ring you for 15 minutes to run through the application form.

4 – We fill in the trust documents.

5 – If evidence is needed via GP reports, nurse exams then we track the progress to ensure terms are offered as quick as possible.

6 – We start the policy and cover commences.


Relevant Life Policy FAQs

Who can Qualify?

If you own a limited company and want life insurance to protect your family the you qualify. Also medium sized companies that do not want to take out group life insurance tax out relevant life policy contracts too.

No Paperwork

In most cases the trust forms can be completed online with no signatures required. Some of the relevant life policy providers do require paper trust forms and we take care of all the completion of these documents for Free as part of our service.

How much does it Cost?

Premiums for relevant life policies are more or less the same as personal policies. The cost will depend on your age, smoker status, length of term and amount of cover required. Make an enquiry to get a no obligation quote.

Who are the insurers?

Insurers offering Relevant Life Policy Insurance have expanded massively over recent years. The insurers we deal with are Vitality, Legal and General, AIG, Scotish Widows, Aegon, LV, Aviva, Royal London and Zurich. We will recommend the most suitable provider for you when we have your details.

How do the Savings Work?

The premiums are paid for by the limited company and used as a business expense. The saves the employee or director income tax and national insurance. Plus the limited company can claim corporation tax relief. Savings are 49% for higher rate tax payer and 36% for basic rate tax payer compared to paying for cover personally.

What Cover can be Included?

Critical illness cover cannot be included as this cover does not fit the tax rules of relevant life policies. However over recent years insurers have adapted their policies and now some offer Employee Significant Illness Cover. This type of cover is similar to critical illness and covers conditions such as Advanced Cancer, Stroke, Severe Heart Conditions and other significant illnesses.