We are independent and shop around the market to find you most competitive provider that offers the best cover for your circumstances.


We make things easy for you by filling in all the trust paperwork on your behalf. The majority of paperwork is online, and post only used when required.


We keep things simple and we can explain the tax benefit savings of a relevant life policy to you and your accountant if they need any information.


We are experts in this field and have many happy clients that have left of positive reviews of their experience of using us.

Save 49% with a Relevant Life Policy

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Are you a company director?

You could be saving on average £8185 * over a period of 25 years just by putting it through your business? 

Many Company Directors have recently been taking advantage of this new relevant life Insurance policy, that allows you to move the cost of your Life Insurance policy from your pocket to your company expenses and the taxman – saving you money.

It’s called Relevant Life Policy and it’s truly one of the best money saving ideas of the century.

See some of the benefit of life insurance below:

  • Protect your spouse and dependants financially
  • Save up to 49% on premiums (use our online calculator to see how much you will save)
  • Save each month compared to paying personally

Additional benefits include:

  • Tax relief – Your business can claim Corporation Tax relief on the premiums.
  • No National Insurance – Premiums are not subject to National Insurance payments for the employer or employee.
  • No lifetime allowance problems- The benefit does not count towards your lifetime allowance for pension purposes.
  • Relevant life policies can now have the added benefit of Employee Significant Illness cover. This upgrades the policy from covering life only to covering illnesses such as cancer, heart attack and strokes.

What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respected clients

6 ways Relevant Life can save you money

Save Tax

You can save tax charges as your business pays the premium.

Not a benefit-in-kind

RIP benefit is not counted as a benefit-in-kind or included as P11D benefit.

No National Insurance

RIP premiums are not subject to National Insurance Payments.

Tax Relief

A business can also claim corporation tax relief on the premium.

Tax free benefit

These type of payouts are also tax free if managed properly.

No lifetime allowance impact

These benefits don’t count towards lifetime allowance for pension purposes.

Lenders we deal with

We are independent so deal with lots of insurers.

As an independent broker we can shop around the market for you. This enables us to get you the most competitive premium for your circumstances. We also have a good understanding of the underwriting requirements that apply with a Relevant Life Policy.
This enables us to match the insurer with your unique sums assured and cover needs.

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